Welcome, dear wanderer of the web

You have just stumbled across the strange and fascinating world of Ecryme.

What is Ecryme, you might ask? Well, Ecryme is a role-playing game. A familiar term… for a strange, fascinating, and dangerous world.

Or what’s left of it.

For this post-apocalyptic steampunk RPG is set on a planet that has long been covered by the immense, acidic ecryme sea. It has corroded and dissolved everything, from moutains to forests… Yet, for still uncertain reasons, some islands still emerge–and on them, some pockets of humanity have thrived.

Now the earth is getting crowded again, and conflict is brewing. The traverses, the huge bridges connecting the different islands, are being bitterly fought over by way of soldiers, airships, spies and political backstabbing.

Maybe that’s what you came for. Or maybe you will intervene in the struggle between the great merchant guilds and the unions. Or inquire about all the strange and terrifying paranormal events that seem linked to the ecryme sea…

An acclaimed French RPG adapted to English 

Ecryme  is the English adaptation of a popular French tabletop role-playing game and introduces the players to a dystopian steampunk world where political  and social struggles mix with supernatural intrigues.

The French version of the  game, consisting of three books and a number of expansions, was published in 2016 and has been highly praised by both the critics and the audience.

The Open Sesame Games French and American teams, having originally published this first version, now aim to translate Ecryme and bring it to the English-speaking audience. We are working on a rich and reworked adaptation of the original books. As we finish translating and adapting, we have started to prepare a Kickstarter campaign.

A free starter kit is already available

The official starter kit is already available for free. You only need this book and some six-sided dice to start discovering the world of Ecryme on your own! Fully illustrated by the main artist of Ecryme, Emile Denis, the kit contains:

  • A summary of the universe
  • The basic rules of the game
  • Four pre-made characters
  • A scenario to get you started

As you start to discover the secrets of Ecryme, we will be preparing your arrival in this corrosive, steamy, Jungian-punk universe…

Download the starter kit