Focus on Apollo and presentation of the deities

To obtain the support of one of the 6 gods or goddesses present in the universe of Cyclades Legendary Edition and the actions associated with them, you will have to sacrifice a part of your wealth.

🎁 Each deity will offer you mandatory and free actions as well as optional but paying actions.

Gods and Goddesses


With Ares by your side, build a Fortress and enlist a first Troop for free. If you want more, you can recruit more and move your land units for an additional cost.


Poseidon, on the other hand, allows you to build a Port and recruit a Fleet for free. And if that’s not enough, you can hire others for an additional cost and then move them.


Zeus, the supreme god, offers you the possibility to build a Temple and recruit a Priestess for free. If you wish, you can even get an extra one by paying 4 Gold Coins. In addition, you can look at the first card in the Creature Deck and play it for 1 Gold.


Athena allows you to build a University and recruit a Philosopher at no cost. You can also recruit an additional Philosopher for 4 Gold.


Finally, with the help of Hera, you can erect one of the buildings you haven’t yet acquired and hire a Mercenary for free. If you wish, you can even hire others, as well as a Hero, by paying additional costs.

All of these gods offer you the possibility to buy Creatures from the Auction Board and to move your Land Units for an additional cost.


We’ve decided to introduce you to THE god of Cyclades Legendary Edition: Apollo!

🤩 His favors are free and he is available for each new cycle, which is not necessarily the case for the other deities.

💸 Apollo allows you to time your strategy by saving your gold while capitalizing on your income turn for the next cycle. This makes him a key element in any winning strategy.

The improvements made by renowned authors Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc are crucial. Apollo now grants you 2 Coins as well as 2 Prosperity markers to place one on a Sea Zone and the other on a Land Zone under your control, making them much more attractive for the rest of the game. This greatly impacts the dynamics of the game.

🥇 Although Apollo doesn’t offer you any troop movement or creature purchase actions, it does allow you to become the first player in the next cycle. His power of timing makes him an essential god for anyone who wants to develop a winning strategy.

🏆 It is by taking advantage of Apollo’s divine favors that you will dominate the game Cyclades Legendary Edition.

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