Focus on Creatures

🔱 In Cyclades Legendary EditionMythological Creatures are a key element of the game, offering unique assets to players who know how to use them to their advantage.

💡 Find out how to acquire and use these legendary creatures!

📕 The Rules

With the exception of Apollo, all gods give access to Mythological Creatures.

🃏 By paying the cost indicated under the card in their dedicated river on the auction board, you can take the corresponding card and apply the indicated effect.

💰 The costs can vary from 2 to 5 gold coins, depending on the discounts linked to the temples you have built beforehand.

Most creatures have one-time immediate effects, which must be used immediately.

♟️ Some creatures are represented by a miniature, which has an effect affecting a land or sea area on the board.

This creature will remain under your control, with its effect, as long as you decide to pay its maintenance cost by discarding a Priestess card in the next Cycle. At that time, you may move this creature to a nearby area.

⚡ Creatures with immediate effect


Which allows you to exchange one of your Heroes with another available Hero,


which allows you to play a Creature from the discard pile and then shuffle the deck and the discard pile together,

The Dryad

which steals an opponent’s Priestess,

The Harpy

which destroys an opposing Troop.

♟️ Creatures with miniatures

You will find many mythical creatures with very powerful instant effects, including:


the three-headed dog, which brings control of a land area from which you reap the benefits,


the three-headed dog, which brings control of a land area from which you reap the benefits,


which strengthens your army significantly since its strength is equivalent to that of 2 Troops.

All these possibilities will allow you to develop the best strategies to dominate your opponents! So, are you ready to take up the challenge?

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