Prototype pictures + Bruno Cathala’s blog article (February 2023)

Open Sesame Games and its Cyclades Legendary Edition prototype were present in February 2023 at the Cannes International Games Festival!

🎲 You could discover its modular map, its beautiful illustrations, its miniatures painted for the occasion and many other essential elements.

👀 For all of you who couldn’t be there, here are a few selected pictures to give you an idea of the game’s progress:

👆 We would like to point out that the game presented at the event is a prototype, mostly homemade, with a more than moderate control of the colorimetry during printing. The miniatures, on the other hand, were printed in-house and painted for the occasion in record time.
We are working on better prototypes to send to content creators who will present the game on their channels.

Blog Post by Bruno Cathala

Bruno Cathala, one of the two designers of the game, wrote the story of the Cyclades Legendary Edition‘s project (English version at the bottom of the page).

You’ll find in this blog post an interesting dive into the heart of the game and lot of valuable information about the evolutions from the original Cyclades.

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